Always Been Yours Chapter 1252

Always Been Yours Chapter 1252–Tessa chuckled. Nicholas headed to the basement parking lot with an affectionate smile. Now that his father had left, Gregory happily took Tessa’s hand and fretted over her. “Are you tired, Mommy?”

“I’m not tired.” Tessa shook her head with a smile. Gregory continued, “Then, are you thirsty? I’ll give you some water.”

He took off the little water bottle he had on him. Tessa’s eyes glinted mischievously as she watched Gregory doing his best to take care of her.

“You can drink the water, sweetheart. Mommy’s not thirsty,” she said as she pushed the bottle. toward Gregory. Gregory lowered his head despondently.

Tessa burst out in laughter when she saw his reaction. She had figured out what he was up to earlier. He was probably jealous after seeing Nicholas kissing her.

Thus, she bent down and cupped his cheeks to kiss him. “You’re such a good boy, sweetheart.” Gregory was startled but he soon started grinning. “You’re the best too, Mommy.”

He tiptoed and kissed Tessa’s cheek as well. The mother-and-son duo was full of smiles and laughter as they waited by the hospital entrance.

Just then, Tessa’s phone started ringing with a call from Timothy. He knew that Tessa had a check-up at the hospital today and was worried about how it went.

“What did the doctor say? Is the baby in the right position?” “Almost. The doctor says it’ll just take a little. longer, but it should be corrected when it’s time to give birth.”

Tessa smiled as she relayed the good news. Timothy sighed in relief. “Thank goodness the baby’s position can be corrected.”

While the two siblings were talking, a silver van nearby suddenly lost control and came barreling toward the hospital entrance. Tessa didn’t notice anything, but Gregory realized that something was wrong.

His eyed widened with fear when he saw the van hurtling straight at them, and he shrieked at once. “Watch out, Mommy!”

Tessa looked up instinctively and saw the van that was rapidly approaching her. She was alarmed and instantly pushed Gregory away.

In a flash, Gregory fell backward onto the ground.

Before he could register what was happening. he heard a loud crash. The van rammed straight into Tessa who flew some distance away before falling to the ground.

Exclaims broke out all around them. “Oh, my goodness! Someone got hit!”

“There’s been an accident and a pregnant woman got hit!” “She’s bleeding! The pregnant woman’s bleeding! What should we do?”

Tessa was curled up on the ground as the agonizing pain that came from her abdomen racked through her entire body. It was so painful that her mind went blank. She was as white as a sheet.

Blood kept gushing out from her, and soon, the ground was covered in red. Nicholas had just brought the car around when he witnessed this scene. His heart stopped beating for a moment.

Instantly, he slammed on the brakes, rushed out of the car, and ran toward Tessa as fast as possible. “Tessa…” he called out in shock as he ran with all his might.

However, there was no response from Tessa. She lay on the ground without moving at all..

The driver who caused the accident had been hiding in the crowd all along, and when he saw. Nicholas appearing, he quietly backed away and escaped before anyone noticed him.

By then, the crowd of onlookers was growing and their cries grew louder. “Look at all the blood! I don’t think the pregnant woman or her baby will survive.”

“She’s so unlucky. She was just standing by the side of the road, but the van lost control and hit her.” “The poor baby. From the size of her belly, the baby looked like it was coming along any time.”

“Alas, yet another family in despair.” “The pregnant woman could’ve avoided the van, but she wanted to save the other child, so that’s why the van rammed into her.”

Nicholas heard the ongoing discussion. His blood turned cold and his footsteps grew heavier as his hands trembled violently. Gregory was sitting on the side of the road, frozen in fear.

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